Is Williamson County Headed for another Property Tax Increase?


On Saturday April 1, Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson held a joint budget session for the County Commission and members of the Williamson County School Board.

The intent of the meeting was to review the current County budget and debt in light of new funding requests made by Williamson County Schools.

The Williamson County School's budget is about 64% of the total County budget. When you factor in the interest or debt payments on the money the County borrows to build new schools, the real cost of funding WCS is closer to 80% of the total County budget.

A financial consulting firm hired by the County reported that the County had reached its borrowing limits for the debt services portion of the budget that funds capital needs to build schools for grades K-8 in Williamson County outside of the Franklin SSD. They also reviewed a number of options that revealed that there are no tenable scenarios to fund WCS's latest budget requests without additional revenue from either decreasing other parts of the budget or by increasing taxes.

I concur with my fellow Commissioner, Todd Kaestner, who commented that "the suggestion to increased taxes is disheartening news in light of the fact that the Commission just passed a property tax increase of 15% in 2016."  

If you would like to learn more, please plan to attend the next planning meeting on Saturday, April 22, at 9 AM in the auditorium at the County Municipal Complex.

Gregg Lawrence
4th District County Commissioner